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NEW: Urban Garden

We mostly recently completed project is our "Urban Garden." The idea of the urban garden is to demonstrate how you can be really wildlife friendly and super productive even in a small space (our fence marks the average size of a garden in the UK). We are going to endevour to keep it packed with ideas for any visitors to be inspired by and hopefully even just one take the ideas home to grow more food and flowers and be kinder to our wildlife. The space will be a working garden so will change through the seasons with the fruit and veg that is in season. Structurally we have a fence, a small shed, a pagoda, a compost heap, a small cold frame and a pond made from an old wheelbarrow! There are also vegetable beds for lots of growing and pots both on the ground and hung on our trellis to make the most of the space. Climbing plants and cordon apple and pear trees also help eek out every bit of growing space available. Come and check it out and see what you can take home to your own outdoor space.

For The Little Ones


We've created an amazing safe space for children to get involved in imaginative outdoor play. It includes a mud kitchen, toys, stepping stumps, hammocks, a playhouse and swings. There's even a water wall for those children (and adults) who don't mind getting a little bit wet. All toddler sessions are fully supervised, with a fire circle and log seating which can be used for special campfire cooking and roasting marshmallows. 

Forest Garden

We are currently creating a forest garden. The garden will include as many edible crops as possible - both for people and wildlife who spend time in the garden. We recently planted the shrub layer and we're hoping to grow plenty of nuts, berries, sap, leaves, and fruits. It's an incredibly productive  and low maintenance way of growing food.


Wildlife Ponds


Grozone isn't just a place where people thrive -  it also hosts a variety of animals, insects and ecosystems. Our wildlife pond contains pond-skaters, frogs and water snails. It's also a place where stop off for a drink and a rest. We regularly host pond dipping sessions where children can get close to nature and find out about more about those that call our pond their home. 

Perennial Wildflower Meadow

Wildflower meadows are a haven for insects, particularly butterflies and birds, as well as looking beautiful and providing a vibrant and changeable splash of colour. The grasses bind the soil and provide habitat for small rodents. We manage the meadow by cutting it in the autumn and leaving the seed heads on the ground to enhance the meadow the following year. 


Orchard and Vegetable Patch


Our incredible orchard and vegetable patches produce a variety of organic, fresh fruit and veg all year round. Onions, tomatoes, courgettes, peas, beans, artichokes, apples, pears - you name it, we probably grow it! The food we produce is often used in our cooking demonstrations, or given out to those who help volunteer and help look after the garden.


​The beehives have been at Grozone for more than ten years. They are an opportunity for volunteers to learn about how to care for these most precious of creatures as well as the bees benefiting from our organic flowers. We currently have two hives in residence and only take the honey when there is plenty to spare!



One of the features we're most proud of is how accessible our site is. We do our best to ensure that our site is for absolutely everyone. Our raised beds ensure that everyone can see, use, and maintain our plants, and benches are provided throughout the site to ensure anyone can take the rest they need.

We also have a wheelchair accessible ramp up to our composting toilet, and we're always open to more ideas on how to make our site even more accessible to make sure everyone can enjoy Grozone!

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